Exiting a mystery, to only enter, a new enigma; the choice above, the selection below, it merely foreshadows, the truth unloved.

To see what is said, to say what is seen is desperately, never involved.

The momentum forward, leaping beyond the bound that keeps the human-mind centered, now amazed to discover the unkind-eye, not soon to recover, is the plight of not just many, but nearly every woman, man, and child existing upon this planet.

And in the cabinet, these tastes of evolution and change; are never nearing.

The medicine not needed?


The remedy now heeded.

“The Medicine Cabinet”


Published and Distributed by: Takeo Tama



  1. “Exiting a mystery, to only enter, a new enigma;” This starting line itself impressed me and gave me chills. It is in our own hands to create our future and write our own story always exploring new paths with a curiosity like a child. The content is pretty deep and the lyrics are beautiful and I am hoping to listen to the audio as well. Good luck guys. You have done a wonderful job.

  2. It would been nice if he left a link to the actual music parts. I mean this is suppose to be the point of this is it not? So, where is it?

  3. This is music? I wish I could hear the actual audio first. In any case , I think the lyrics are appropriate on the goal you are aiming for.

  4. Gosh. I get goosebumps just by reading the introduction. How poetic, deep, and meaningful the story it wants to tell. I wish I’ll be able to hear it.

  5. Just by hearing the title itself, makes me intrigued already. I hope there’s a preview available because I would definitely like to take a glimpse of it.

  6. The artist hates auto tune just like me. The music is different and exciting and it will definitely stand the test of time.

  7. Well that description was both vague and descriptive. I don’t really know what to make of this. As stated by the others commenting, it would be nice to listen to at least a preview.

  8. It would be nice if I see a sort of a demo for this. I mean its hard to imagine a topic if it is not actually explained. Good try though.

  9. Like walking away from a frying pan to fire, those exiting a mystery must train themselves not to walk into an enigma. They have to set the boundaries that would define their engagement. To love the truth is to see without a guide.

  10. To leap beyond the bounds is to be free. To limit oneself is to live within a set of rules that chains you to reality. It takes wisdom to discover the unkind eye, to see the unspoken words and to relate to the un-imagined vision.

  11. This is really profound that I need to unlock my brain patterns just to understand it. On a lighter note, visual arts coupled with words are the most moving things in the universe.

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