Stuck On Purpose: “Challenging The Status Quo?”

Challenging the status-quo. Virtually everyone believes they are doing this… By; being online? Staying offline?? Professing they have a better “INSERT_blank” etc. — By doing WHAT DIFFERENTLY exactly?! — Please think for a moment. Why are we all stuck? Why are many riding the paradigm until it burns down?? It’s all a means to an end, but whose exactly?! — Advantage. Disadvantage. Regard. Disregard. — Everyone is a product now. Others try to take advantage of your existence as a “product” of the current economy to hope that your disadvantage makes you regard “their” (the other man/woman’s) existence, all while having complete disregard for the reality of how things really, truly, are.

Amazing or, Brilliant?


  1. What exactly is this trying to say? We need innovation to challenge the status quo? We are now all products? What exactly? I just can’t seem to understand this.

  2. I think is vicious, neither amazing nor brilliant. And I agree we are stucked in the statu quo, but then, there’s the people who is no stucked, ironically most of them are very old people . What did they get to understand that we dont?

  3. Stuck or not with the “status quo”, humans are confused beings. This is due to society. Whether we stay true to who we are or become victims of modernization, this blog is right. Everyone takes advantage of our strengths and weaknesses.

  4. The way I see it we are challenging status quo everyday in our own way. Me for example,I am a freelance agent. That itself is different because its an unconventional job

  5. there are times that sticking to the status quo is better. That is when you want to stay behind the lines, one must be at least within the norms. Now if you want to stand out, then breaking it is the best way. Break it with a bang I say!

  6. I don’t know, but I’m happy to stick with the status quo, I’m a chill type of person, and I don’t cling to past. Problems will pass, you know? #YOLO

  7. opportunities may come along our way it is for us to grasp it and grab the better ones. we need to challenge ourselves to bring out our maximum potential

  8. It seems like it’s in the nature of humans to exploit each other in order to survive or to strive to be relevant. I think we’re stuck because most of us actively participate in this race whether we are with it or against it which is a sad reality.

  9. I believe the society was built that way we tend to want to milked the next person,one invent a thing and another makes an upgrade of it to also make Money off it,no regard to whether it seem right or wrong provided we achieve our aims,it okay by us.

  10. Definitely, humans see one another as products and they try to take advantage of the product which is the next person and we tend to disregard if the other person is in a better position or not.Yea,it an amazing thought pattern.

  11. In perceiving differences, we are stuck with the fact that we are similar. Differences are only a veneer for insecurities. We are all a product of some corporation trying to sell us on something and we need to realize that fact. This was brilliant reasoning.

  12. Society as a whole wants to follow the different road just to tell everyone they’re different. Now, that’s what makes us all the same, aren’t we?

  13. when you ask “Amazing or, Brilliant?” I can’t agree with any of them, ’cause the way people is dehumanized and seen as oportunities to take advantage of is something that somehow makes me feel uneasy of the kind of society we are living in.

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